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Serving  Greater Sacramento & the Bay Area

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What I Provide

Helping you buy your home in today's Market.

If you've been shopping for homes on the market these past couple of months, you've likely noticed tough competition from other buyers. Here are some tips to stay competitive!

1. Get Pre-approved -  You as the buyer need to know how much buying power you have. Your offers will also standout compared to buyers who haven't taken this step.

2. Don't be too picky - When housing inventory is limited, prepare to adjust your expectations. For example, you can always change old fixtures but you cannot change the location of the home.

3. Stay Alert - Keep a constant eye on new listings or have

me set you up with an immediate notification directly from MLS when a home goes on the market in your requested area.

Country Style Living Room

Selling your home for top dollar.

  1. The high cost of lumber and materials continue to contribute to the delay and completion of new construction builds.

  2. For many reasons, sellers are reluctant to list their homes due to falling prices. 


Don't miss out! Contact me to see what the market is paying for your home right now.

Signing a Contract

Finding that right Investment Property.

Rental homes are a popular way to supplement your income. Here are some key takeaways:

  1. Homes can represent a short or long term investment opportunity.

  2. Investment properties are sometimes difficult to secure unless you intend to live in the property first. 

  3. Selling an investment property must be reported, and may result in capital gains, which can have tax implications.

If you are seeking an agent who can locate an investment property below market value (wedge deal), message me. I will notify you when the next opportunity comes in your price range and area!

Modern Villa

My vision as your Realtor® is to develop a foundation with you by asking the right questions and understanding YOUR vision and goals. An agent should never force you into a price point or area that you are not comfortable living in. My goal is to provide you with a seamless experience of finding the home YOU want, within YOUR timeline.



Summer months in real estate typically see increased activity due to favorable weather, family considerations, vacation time, and higher inventory, making it a popular time for both buyers and sellers.


Thanks for submitting! Jeremy will reach out to you soon!

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